Class Zaahar npc symbol Zaahar
Realm Special Event
Attack 45 - 50
Defense 25 - 30
AC 50 - 65
DMG 25 - 30
HP 9,500 - 12,000
XP 20,000 - 30,000
Gold symbol GP 20 - 30


  • Special Event
  • Zaahar Shield


Magic Resistances

Blood weakness Blood 50% 
Dark magic weakness Dark Magic 5% 
Fire weakness Fire 8% 
Holy weakness Holy 3% 
Ice weakness Ice 9% 
Lightning weakness Lightning 8% 
Transdimensional weakness Transdimensional 5% 
Water weakness Water 9%

Seen in Gothador
Switches between immunity against Melee or Sorcery (you need to switch attack type when it does)
Zaahar Rebel Vial prevents the switching

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