I think it is a good idea to try to get this working, but please do not start adding all kind of articles at random.

At the moment it is a disaster. The home page give just a lot of totally unrelated artcles and this seems to be the only way where anybody can discuss anything. There is no discussion button on the community portal.

In my view the home page should mostly contain links to the main-categories where the current home page should be somewhere in a sub-category of Home. BOW and Gothaguide were much better organised and structured.

1. Link to main category giving a list of detail-entrie names/links with a number of properties. Every page should always contain the links to the main categories and within a maincategory also links to the sub-categories.

Suggested maincategories :

Home, Realms, Locations, Items, Characters, Quests, Skills, Statistics.

2. Subcategories:

Home: wiki-related, about, history 

Realms: Normal Realms, Quest Realms

Locations: Blocked squares, probably everything you can find in "Detect Nearest ..."

Items: Everything you can find in the Inventory.

Characters:  Players, Creatures, Summons (as being playing creatures).

Quests: Normal Quests, Cult quests

Skills: Basic, Advanced, Enchantments, Spells

Statistics: Most of the things you find on the player page.

In general: Every link should have a link in the opposite direction, be it direct or via a list-page.

This should be enough discussionpoits for the moment. The main thing is: plan before you fill at random.

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