Location Spore Field (18,18) Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

  • [none]

Full Quest

You encounter a small village, a distraught man stands at the entrance to the village. You approach him. 'Our people have been plagued by the two Orc tribes in this area. Our defences have held thus far, however I fear they will soon fail. We need somebody to divert their attention from attacking us.'

'We believe attacking one of the Orc Savages with you disguised as an Orc from one of the tribes may provoke them to attack the other. If you could pull this off successfully, it may initiate a tribal war and divert their attention away from attacking our people. Killing 20 of them should get their attention. Good luck!'

You gain Orc Disguise.

(Note: You will not be required to equip the disguise.)

You arrive back at the camp. 'Did you manage to slay those Orcs?' (You have killed 20 / 20 Orc Savages)

'Excellent. I'm already receiving reports of fighting between both tribes. Hopefully that should keep them busy while we build up sufficient defences for any future attacks they may stage. You can keep the orc disguise, we have no need for it anymore.' You gain 20 Skill Points and 5,000,000 XP.

Quick Guide

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