Location The Great Desert (27,41)
Min Level 2,800 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You discover a small settlement. It appears empty save one of the villagers who approaches you. "Hello there stranger, I am Adlar, leader of the desert raiders. Have you come to help us? Several of our villages and camps have come under attack by deadly sand creatures."
Offer to help

"Thank you! We dispatched a scout to gather information and any materials on these sand creatures. Its been a week and we've not heard from him. We need you to locate the scout, and bring him back. If you find the scout no longer lives, then recover anything you can..."

You discover a rotting corpse half buried within the sand. The smell as you approach is almost overwhelming.

After searching the corpse you discover a note and a stone featuring several strange symbols. You read the last entry in the journal. "They were everywhere, yet they emerged from seemingly nowhere. They are the ghosts of the scorched plains, guardians of the sands..." At that moment something catches your attention. Movement in the corner of your eye, but it is too late. The world fades to darkness as you fall unconscious from the heavy blow to your head. The world around you slowly resolves, feeling an intense heat across your face as you discover yourself alone in the middle of the desert. The note and stone are no longer in your possession. You must find the note and stone to take back to the small settlement.

You arrive back at the settlement. "Did you manage to find out what happened to our scout?"

You give Adlar the material you recovered from the scout corpse. "My god... this is worse than I thought. It seems the Sand Ghosts have begun increasing in size. We need to notify the others. Travel to the other camps and tell them of the Sand Ghosts, then return here. Be careful out there though, those Sand Ghosts are everywhere. Good luck!"

You arrive at one of the desert raider camps.

You inform the camp's leader of the Sand Ghosts. He promptly gathers his men to prepare for war...

You arrive at the last of the desert raider camps.

You inform the camp's leader of the Sand Ghosts. He gathers his men to prepare for war...

You arrive back at the raider settlement. Adlar approaches you. "We need you help again..."

"Alright, those desert creatures must be emerging from a portal somewhere. Try and locate the portal then report back to me so I can organize an assault force to take them out."

You discover a swirling mass of energy. Within the center a gaping maw of darkness spewed an unearthly power. You notice a small stone tablet near the dark swirling vortex.
Pick up Stone

You pick up the stone and place it in your inventory. (You gain Tyr's Orders)

You return to the raider settlement only to find it deserted. Bloody corpses, some lacking entire limbs, lay strewn throughout the settlement. You notice movement, a survivor from the slaughter. Its Adlar, leader of the Jallas Desert raiders. He motions you over.

"It is too late, my friend..." He says with a bloody gurgle. "Here, take this magical stone. Use the Sand Ghost's portal to travel to the East Piyr Lands where you will find an Elven outpost. Tell them the Sand Guardians have returned..." Adlar gasps for air before his body begins convulsing then goes motionless, his head falling into the pool of blood that has accumulated on the ground, his gaze completely lifeless.

You arrive at the Elven Fort. Two guards approach you, their silver armor gleaming in the rays of scorching sunlight bearing down on the small elven fort, blinding you temporarily. "Halt! What is your business here?" One of the Elven soldiers asks.

"As was mentioned in the Ancient Prophecy, the emergence of these Sand Guardians indicate the beginning of a new era, a renewed struggle against this new evil. We must prepare for the conflict... When the time is right, we will gather at the Elven city of Elsaru to begin our offensive into the Great Desert. Here, take this amulet, as you will need it for the battle ahead." (You gain 3,500,000 xp and Amulet of Piyr.)

Quick Guide

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