Location Mount Braskin (24,28)
Min Level 7,500 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

  • [none]

Full Quest

A faceless figure hovers above the figure of a man, an eerie crimson hue eminating from the seemingly translucent dark shroud.

The figure releases an ear-piercing shriek as it turns and instead ascends upon you. You feel the life energy slipping from your soul as the creature strikes you. You reel back, unsteathing your weapon and bring it down upon the figure. The dark form releases a final shriek before it evaporates. The distant wail of other faceless figures increases as more approach your location. The near lifeless body of the man speaks. 'You must slay them... they cannot be allowed to life. Their soul devouring ways must be stopped...'

You arrive back at the dying man... (You have killed 20/20 Devourers)
Unknown [edit]

'It is too late for my soul to be saved, however you have saved the lives of so many of my villagers. I wish to offer you this as a token of our thanks, for you have saved many souls.' The life of the man slowly fades. You gain 10 Skill Points and Amulet of Guardians.

Quick Guide

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