Location Frozen North (31,29)
Min Level 2,500 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You stumble across a sizable camp filled with human soldiers. The Captain spots you and approaches. 'These are dangerous times to travel alone, strange. Tyr, the demonic god, continues to harass our border towns and outposts.'

'There is no stopping the demonic creatures which spill forth from Tyr's fortress realm. We must find a way to stop them by travelling through the Ancient lands to the far south via boat. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in finding the pathway leading to the Frozen Port. Perhaps you will have more success in finding the pathway. Here, take this. It may help. Southwards may be a good direction to start.' You gain 1 x Seeing Stone.

You arrive in the Frozen Port area. You notice the port in the distance to the East. Just as you begin towards the East you are ambushed by a horde of snow spiders.
Unsheath your Weapon

You must fend off the creatures, then head to the port to the East.

You arrive at the port. You notice a ship under contruction. The harbormaster approaches you. 'Hey stranger. I'm surprised you managed to travel through the forest without getting killed. Anyway, what brings you here?' (you have killed 20/20 Snow Spiders)

'So, you want a charter a ship to travel across the seas, eh? Well, we're a little under manned just now. However, If you can help us, then we'll be ready for the trip far sooner. Firstly, collect us some berries and fish. These will provide some food for the trip.'

You arrive back at the port. The harbormaster approaches you. 'Ah, I see you've made it back! Have you gathered the berries and fish?'
Give Items

'Excellent! This will be more than enough supplies for the trip.'

'There is one more task I need of you, If you're still interested in attaining a pass to the Sanctuary port...'

'Those snow trolls have stolen our tools, so we cannot finish construction of the ferry. I need you to retrieve the tools so that we may complete the construction. Good luck!'

You arrive back at the port. Once again, the harbormaster approaches you. 'Your return never ceases to amaze me! You must indeed be very powerful to slay those deadly beasts out there. Did you manage to retireve those tools?'
Give Tools

A releived sigh escapes the harbormasters lips. 'Excellent! Now we can finish off work on the ferry. Here, take this travel pass. This will enable to you travel between this port and the Sanctuary Port via Ferry.' You gain 5,000,000 XP and Sanctuary Ferry Pass.

Quick Guide

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