Location Sanctuary Port (2,7)
Min Level 2,500 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You encounter a burning hut. Flames spill from the interior as plumes of smoke reach high into the pale blue sky. A man, seemingly the owner, comes running across to you. 'Help me please! I'll lose all my worldly possessions if my house burns down! Can you help me?'
Offer help

'Thank you! There are some waterholes around here, but I believe a couple of them have dried out. Here, take this pail and collect water from one of the waterhole.' You gain Pail.

You arrive at one of the waterholes, and this one seems full of rainwater.
Use Pail

You use the pail to take some of the water, and you even take some yourself for refreshment. Now that you have the pail full, you must now head back to the burning house as soon as possible.

You arrive back at the hut. The owner has managed to gather a few friends to help extinguish the flames, however there are still some small fires that began spreading beyond the house. 'You've made it back! Did you manage to get some water?'
Hand over pail

'Excellent! Pass it here.' You hand over the pail and he throws it over the last of the flames, extinguishing the remaining fires. He returns to you. 'Thank you for helping me out! Here, take this valuable gem for your time. It has been in my family for generations.' You gain 1,500,000 XP and Obre Amulet Fragment 3/3.

Quick Guide

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