Location Island Sea (68,75)
Min Level 3,000 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

  • 2,500,000 XP
  • 15 SP

Full Quest

A chef stands at the rear entrance of the island's tavern. 'Oyster meat is quite a delicacy in this region. Could you help me acquire it?'
Offer help

'There are three types of Oyster Meat I need; Calmedi, Ravsha, and Gemea. The first two you will need to purchase from elsewhere, and the last you will have to acquire yourself.'

You arrive back at the chef. He stands, seemingly impatient. 'Well, did you get the three pieces of Oyster meat I asked for?'
Give meat

'Ahh, excellent. I've been trying to acquire this three rare meat selection, but they're just so rare around here. Thank you again!' You gain 2,500,000 XP and 15 Skill Points.

Quick Guide

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