This page contains a table of Mines found in the game.

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Name Location Ore Chance
Bilbohall Mine Gothador (8,8) Copper Ore 40% Mining
Bledsin Mine Gothador (14,92) Copper Ore 40% Mining
Blue Crystal Mine Crystal Valley (4,7) Raw Blue Crystal -2,700% Mining
Coral Mine Oceanianas (60,36) Coral -125% Mining
Crystal Mine Ice Cave (1,5) Raw Crystal 20% Mining
Datolite Mine Mount Braskin (55,3) Raw Datolite -1,450% Mining
Death Mine Lair of Decay Level 1 (28,17) Black Ash -3,565% Mining
Gavalon Mine Gothador (60,45) Copper Ore 40% Mining
Gold Mine Dwarven Mines (11,4) Gold Nugget 20% Mining
Iron Mine Dwarven Mines (8,6) Iron Ore 25% Mining
Kunzite Mine Varo Dungeon Level 2 (16,18) Kunzite Ore -350% Mining
Lava Ore Mine Lava Mine Area (6,1) Lava Ore -6,150% Mining
Molten Lava Mine Lava Mine Area (1,1) Molten Ore -5,950% Mining
Monazite Mine Gothador (15,26) Monazite Ore -10% Mining
Nagyagite Mine Dwarven Tunnel (68,1) Nagyagite Ore -950% Mining
Nitratine Mine Mount Braskin (97,68) Raw Nitratine -2,350% Mining
Osumilite Mine Mount Braskin (97,50) Osumilite Ore -700% Mining
Patriarch Tomb Death Plains (2,4) Patriarch Relic -5,025% Mining
Pyrite Mine Dark Forest (75,65) Pyrite Ore -25% Mining
Pyroxene Mine Dark Forest (87,24) Pyroxene Ore -2,750% Mining
Rutile Mine Cells (Level 8) (12,11) Rutile Ore -40% Mining
Sand Mine Dark Pyramid (21,32) Pyramid Sand -1.700% Mining
Silver Mine Dark Forest (50,42) Silver Ore -50% Mining
Spore Mine Spore Field (54,34) Mined Spores -3,950% Mining
Sporetic Mine Autumn's Edge (25,23) Sporetic Ore -6,450% Mining
Terrax Mine Gothador - 7,021 Years Ago (1,1) Kromite Ore 49% Mining
Titanium Mine Dwarven Mines (9,12) Titanium Ore -300% Mining
Varo Mine Varo Dungeon Level 1 (7,4) Iron Ore 25% Mining
Xonotlite Mine Mount Braskin (43,84) Xonotlite Ore -300% Mining
Yellow Crystal Mine Crystal Valley (29,40) Raw Yellow Crystal -3,150% Mining
Zircon Mine Dark Forest (60,13) Zircon Ore -125% Mining
Zydale Mine Miners Cove (7,7) Zydale -16,950% Mining

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