This page contains a table of Foragable Areas found in the game.

Name Location Products Chance
Agnon Spores (Location) Dark Province (33,36) Agnon Spores (Mixer) -240% Foraging
Ancient Ruins Gothador - 7,021 Years Ago (1,5) Valuable Goblet 49% Foraging
Berry Bushes Gothador (1,8) Red Powder 40% Foraging
Blue Berries (Loc) Gothador (91,4) Blue Dust 20% Foraging
Blue Berry Bushes The Great Desert (28,43) Blue Berries (Item) -1,600% Foraging
Blue Spores Spore Cave (5,9) Spore (Blue) -265% Foraging
Braskin Jade Tree Braskin Plains (-1,-1) Jade Powder -30% Foraging
Crystal Spores (Loc) Ice Crystal Cave - 1 (9,9) Crystal Spores (Item) -70% Foraging
Crystal Tree Crystal Valley (30,10) Crystal Shard -225% Foraging
Dark Ulasha Plant Dark Forest (25,25) Dark Herbs 49% Foraging
Dust Patch Braskin Plains (95,71) Floating Dust -125% Foraging
Green Spores Spore Cave (1,6) Spore (Green) -250% Foraging
Ice Diamonds (Loc) Ice Crystal Cave - 2 (15,9) Ice Diamonds (Item) -160% Foraging
Ice Pelano Frozen North (11,18) Ice Herbs 49% Foraging
Megnix Spores (Location) Dark Province (52,41) Megnix Spores (Mixer) -240% Foraging
Patriarch Crystals (Location) Darkfor Jungle (7,62) Patriarch Crystals (Mixer) -550% Foraging
Purple Spores Spore Cave (18,12) Spore (Purple) -300% Foraging
Red Berry Bushes The Great Desert (124,82) Red Berries -1,600% Foraging
Unknown Energy (T) Thor's Grip (3,7) Pure Lightning -75% Foraging
Unknown Energy (Z) Zenix Homeworld (255,247) Zenix Energy -50%
Yellow Berry Bushes The Great Desert (18,161) Yellow Berries -1,600% Foraging
Yellow Spores Spore Field (65,18) Spore (Yellow) -400% Foraging

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