Location Thor's Grip (68,68) Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

A small house is by itself on the outskirts of the plains. It appears to be a disused blacksmith shop. An old man steps out. "Ach I've lost me pretty bar, I cannae mind fit a did wee the bar! A tree? Water?"
Look for Bar

You decide to look for the bar.

An odd tree floats in the middle of the ocean.
Examine Tree

A small fire symbol has been scratched onto the bark.

An old tree stands in varo continually burning.
Examine Tree

You can see a symbol that represents a deep glow carved into the bark.

A tree stands in the woods with shimmering fruit hanging off it. A small slot is scratched into the bark.
Examine Tree

You place the zenix symbol into the slot. A small compartment opens up at the base of the tree, a small bar is visible within.

Gained Glodomite Bar

Gained 50,000xp

Quick Guide

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