Location Island Sea (16,90)
Min Level 3,000 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

The island is relatively peaceful, save the occasional bustle of activity from the local tavern. A shifty looking figure approaches you. 'The seas are full of dangerous creatures, only the heroic few have returned to tell the tale of their encounter with the great beasts. Are you one of them?'

'So, you really think you're a beast slayer eh? Slay a Giant Squid and bring me back the eye and I will reward ye. Remember, ye MUST slay the squid! Good luck, cause you'll need it!'

You arrive back at the bedraggled looking pirate. 'Did ye manage to slay the Giant Squid and get the eye?' (You have killed 1/1 Giant Squid)
Give Squid Eye

'Ahh! So, yer not a lilly-livered scoundrel. Ye bought me the eye. Excellent work. Here be your reward! Oh, I have another task for ye if you're up for it.' You gain 10,000 gold and 1,500,000 XP.

'Ah, so ye ready for some more slayin'?'

'Great. Bring me the head of the Rigor Serpent. Be careful though, this beastie be far more dangerous than the one ye previously slayed.'

You arrive back at the pirate. 'Did ye slay the Rigor Serpent and bring back one of its bones?' (You have killed 1/1 Rigor Serpent)
Give bone

'Ah, so yer not a lilly-livered scoundrel after all, but a slayer of the beasts from the deep! Here, take this trinket. I think you deserve it after what you've achieved.' You gain 15 Skill Points and Trinket of the Deep.

Quick Guide

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