For other uses, see Hybrid Scales.
Location Dark Forest (3,30)
Min Level 9,000 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You encounter a stout Dwarven blacksmith. He notices you and approaches. 'Hey there, you interested in earning a reward?'

A grin cuts its way across the Dwarves' mouth. 'Excellent. I've been trying to develop a new scale material, but I just can't find the scales I need. I require scales from the Black Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Forest Dragon, Jungle Dragon, Onyx Dragon and finally the brilliant scales found upon the Farrow Dragon. Once you have all these, I will need you to combine those scales to create a hybrid scale material. Return here with the hybrid scale material.'

You arrive back at the Dwarven blacksmith who looks at you expectantly. 'So, did you manage to collect the scales and create the hybrid scale material?'
Give Hybrid Scales

You hand over the hybrid scales to the blacksmith. 'Oh excellent. Wait here one moment while I create the shield using the hybrid material. Shouldn't take too long!' After several minutes the blacksmith turns and hands you a hybrid scale shield. 'Here ya go. I had enough scales to create another. Thanks again!' You gain 10,000,000 XP and 'Hybrid Scale Shield'.

Quick Guide

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