(Level seems to be lowered from 22.000 to 12.000)
Line 19: Line 19:
*[[Light Foot+]]
*[[Light Foot+]]
*[[Light Foot++]]
*[[Light Foot++]]
|description = Level 12.000 when slotted with Zaahar Flamelord Gem.
|blood = 30
|blood = 30
|dark = 30
|dark = 30

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Name: Hybrid Scale Shield
Type: Shield
Min Level: 12,000


Level 12.000 when slotted with Zaahar Flamelord Gem.


Rewarded from quest:


DMG n/a AC 0


ATK 280
DEF 200
MP 230
AC 400
DMG 225
AP -40

Bonus Skills

Magic Resistances

Blood weakness Blood 30% 
Dark magic weakness Dark Magic 30% 
Fire weakness Fire 30% 
Holy weakness Holy 30% 
Ice weakness Ice 30% 
Lightning weakness Lightning 30% 
Transdimensional weakness Transdimensional 30% 
Water weakness Water 30%

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