Location Sanctuary of Ages (27,19)
Min Level 45,000 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You encounter a hermit. He appears to be brewing up something in a large pot sat over a roasting fire. He notices you. 'I'm so hungry! These small grubs just won't sustain me! Don't suppose you can find me something bigger?'
Offer help

The hermit smiles with excitement. 'Great! Bring me the egg of the three giant beasts that live in this area. They are a great delicacy!' He licks his lips before returning to stir the contents of his pot.

You arrive back at the hermit who appears to be eagerly awaiting your return. The hermit asks 'Did you manage to collect those eggs I asked you to?'
Give eggs

witha burst of excitement, the hermit grabs the eggs from your grasp and places them with the rest of his gourmet collection of 'grubs' and other foods. 'Oh excellent! I look forward to feasting upon these! I suppose I should offer you a reward for bring me those eggs...' The hermit turns and forages about in his collection of trinkets before drawing out two mystical looking runes. He hands them to you. 'Here, I found these once while searching a cave for riches. Unfortunately all I could find was these. I'm sure you'll find more of a use for them!' With that the hermit returns to his camp, preparing the eggs to cook. You gain 15,000,000 XP, 'Rune of the Skilled Warrior' and 'Rune of the Skilled Mage'.

Quick Guide

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