Location Sanctuary of Ages (31,37)
Min Level 2,500 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You encounter a woman garbed in tattered robes. She notices you and speaks. 'So, you're trying to gain access to the portal eh? It supposidly requires a chant in order to activate it. I know of the chant, however It will come at a price...'
Offer help

'I've had several family heirlooms stolen. Return them to me then I will tell you the chant. They were taken by a group of Greater Orcs.'

'Ah, so you've made it back. Did you get my family heirlooms?'
Give heirlooms

'Ah, thank you for returning my heirlooms. I guess I should tell you the chant now. I've written it down here.' She passes you a piece of cloth with the chant written on it. You gain Hellgaur Chant and 2,000,000 XP

Quick Guide

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