Location Mortis Dramoris (12,65)
Min Level 2,500 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

  • none

Full Quest

"Hmph. You attack us and you expect us to welcome you to our home? Pitiful. You want to prove yourself, get rid of these tarragons. We lured them in by building a portal to their homeworld. Fools sent a small force through. Destroy them if you want to prove yourself."

"Good, you'll find them throughout our world. They can't leave, we've locked the gate. Nice little experiment"

"Tell me when you've killed them..." (You have killed 10/10 Tarragon Scouts)

"Good, Good. This will definately help relations."

The Mortis hands you a key. "Take this, continue the battle on their homeworld." Gained Mortis Key

Gained 10,000,000 xp

Quick Guide

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