Location Dark Forest (73,91)
Min Level 2,800 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

  • 8,000,000 XP
  • 10 SP

Full Quest

You hear the faint whisper of a voice. Startled, you look about but there is nobody there. It appears to be coming from the archaic monolith stood before you. You examine the monolith closely, your eyes drawn to the archaic symbols carved across its warm glowing azure surface.
Listen Closer

You listen to the eerie voice eminating from the monolith. 'The darkness encroaches further on us. Tyr has strengthened his grip on the surrounding region as he continues to assemble his forces in preparation for the final strike against the elven lands. You must go and meet with the Elven scout in the Sanctuary of Ages, and find out what he has discovered about Tyr...'

You feel a presence nearby..

You stop to look about you, however the next moment you feel the cold edge of an elven blade against your throat. 'Ah, I have been expecting you.' The elven scout sheaths his blade. 'Apologies for the blade, but traveling this realm has been increasingly dangerous with the gathering of Tyr's forces in the adjacent realm. We have attempted to strike at the assembling forces, and have failed. They appear to have considerably larger forces this time around...'

There is movement in the bushes nearby. The Elven scout unsheathes his blade and investigates.

As you help investigate the movement in the bushes you are both ambushed by horde of Dark Goblins. You must fight off the Dark Goblins.

The Elf finishes slaying one of the stout Dark Goblins and approaches you. 'I think thats all of them. You see any more about?' (You have killed 50/50 Dark Goblins)

'That was close! We have discovered that several of Tyr's undead ranks are controlled by an etheric aura. Our scouts have located odd pillars dispelling a crimson aura around the area. We believe that destroying these structures will severly inhibit Tyr's ability to assume control over the undead warriors, thus allowing us to stike a crippling blow to the remaining forces that are massing there. This will effectively delay the invasion, and offer us more time for preparation to mount a viable counter-offensive. Four etheric pillars have recently been constructed far south of here. Return here once you have destroyed them. You must however destroy them in a certain order to minimise detection by Tyr's scouts, or they will simply build them again.' You gain 1,500,000 XP.

You arrive at the first etheric pillar. (4 times)
Destroy Pillar (4 times)

There is a sudden burst of etheric energy as you lay the final blow, the very components of the pillar dissolve. You must now find the next pillar to destroy. (4 times)

You arrive back at the Elven scout. 'Did you destroy those four Etheric Pillars?'

'Excellent. Now that should return several hundred of those undead warriors to significantly less harmful mindless zombies.' The elf chuckles. 'However, there is concern that Tyr's own scouts have been gathering information regarding our own forces, and possibly even detect the destruction of those Etheric Pillars...' You gain 2,000,000 XP.

The elf continues. 'I need you to kill as many of Tyr's scouts as you can, and prevent them from discovering the counter-attack force we have begun assembling in this realm. You up for it, or will we need to find somebody else?'

The elf grins. 'I thought so. You'll find several of his scouts in this realm. Hunt them down and slay them.'

You arrive back at the Elven scout. 'Did you slay those scouts?' (You have killed 35/35 Scouts of Tyr)
Yes, they are dead

'Excellent. Now we can be assured that Tyr will be unaware of our gathering forces. However, there is a more pressing issue now. We have received important information regarding Tyr's assembling forces...' You gain 5 Skill Points.

The elf continues. 'It seems some locals have decided to join Tyr's cause. I believe Tyr himself has influenced them in some way, however It is too late. They must be killed before they become too large a threat. Think you'll be able to cope?'

A smirk edges its way across the Elf's lips. 'I guessed as much. Kill the Slaves of Tyr, then return here. Thankfully the dragons and Wyvern in this area are far too strong for Tyr to control, however that could all change if Tyr is able to exert sufficient control here, which is why this must be done.'

Quick Guide

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